Eggbert is a staple of Hudson Valley Christmas celebrations. Now he's teamed up with a local brewery to bring you even more joy.

If you're not familiar, Devitt's Nursery and Supply describes the egg phenomenon on their website:

Legendary in the Hudson Valley, Eggbert the talking egg holds court at Devitt’s “Christmas at the Farm” in New Windsor.
As he sits poised on his throne, Eggbert knows the names of all the children who come to see him.
The New York Times said that Eggbert is “one of those charming traditions in American small towns that seem impervious to blandification.”

You'll be able to start visiting him at Devitt's on Friday, and this year there's an even better reason to hang with Eggbert: Get your hands on an Eggbert mug and you'll be able to enjoy $1 off beers at the Newburgh Brewing Company. I don't think I have to tell you at this point that the brewery in Newburgh is one of my favorite places on planet earth, and I'm a huge Christmas-season-celebration advocate, so clearly this is right up my alley:

Eggbert Mug
Deuce/Townsquare Media

The resemblance is uncanny.