Have you been following along? For the last few months we have been searching far and wide for a new Co-Host to join me in the morning. We have interviewed many people (and dogs) both on and off the air, looking for the one person who could put up with me every morning.

Have we found the 'right' person? I think that you will be quickly convinced that we have (even if we had to go to Michigan, via Albany NY) for it. Let's welcome Nick! ((Hi Nick!))

Here is a look back at a few of the candidates that made it to the video portion of the interview. Please note that not all of these candidates made it to the on air interview. Thank you again to all of the people who applied and interviewed for the job. In addition to Nick, you will be hearing a few new voices on WRRV (and seeing some new faces out and about).

Thank you for everything that you do to make WRRV an awesome radio station, without you, there would be no 'us.' Cue the sappy Green Day song now! ~Brandi