Every year people are hit with this shark mania for an entire week. I used to be one of the crazies but I quickly learned the tooth. I mean the truth.

It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and aquatic nerds are rejoicing. There some people who wait all year for this entire week. I used to love Shark Week when I was a kid. Mostly because the internet wasn't advanced as it is now.

Like most, sharks fascinated me as a young kid from the very first time I saw Jaws.

As I got older I started checking out books in the local library. Now, if I want to know something about sharks I just Google it. I don't need to wait an entire year to hear Shaq talk about them.

All they do is recycle the same shows and footage every year. Someone explain to me how everyone in the world carries a phone all of the time and yet we rarely see any new shark attack videos?

I guess what I'm trying to say that is that if you're a true fan, every week is Shark Week.

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