I'm not condoning vandalism but I'm not going to ignore the issue and say it doesn't happen. It's important to understand the vandal's psyche. Let's explore the issue and learn why you might get singled out.

You may not agree with it but it's that time of the year where kids will do some devilish things. Make sure you're house or car doesn't become a statistic. Here are the top three reasons why you might be cleaning up some eggs or toilet paper tomorrow.

Michael Ciranni

No Candy / Bad Candy

It's Halloween. It's pretty simple. Kids put on costumes and try to scare people from door to door for one reason, candy and good candy too. Don't buy any cheap stuff. Fun sizes are acceptable but be sure to make sure that it's name brand like Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat bars or Reese's. Grab some fruit flavored candy for the kids who have chocolate or peanut allergies.

The Lights Are Off

You couldn't do anything to make you more of a target. What says "egg this person's house" like all of the lights being off and not participating? If you aren't going to be home at least hang some decorations, buy some candy, leave it in a bowl on the porch and turn the outside lights on. Effort goes a long way for young vandals.

You're The Neighborhood Grouch

Maybe you've just been a jerk all year or you're just the creepy neighbor. There's one in every neighborhood so if you don't know who it is it's most likely you. Don't let it upset you. Own it. Use their fear against them and really scare the kids tonight. You can go back to yelling "Qet off my lawn" tomorrow.