Lyme disease isn't the only thing to fear with a tick bite. A single bite from this specific tick may change the way your body breaks down meat and sugar.

New York state is becoming more and more populated with  the presence of ticks. You've got to be extremely careful when venturing outdoors to make sure you don't have any unwanted guests latching on.

According to the CDC, Other than Lyme Disease, a few tick borne viruses that can contracted are Anaplasmosis, Powassan Virus, Tularemia and Starri. An illness has been linked to a tick that's indigenous to upstate New York called the Lone Star Tick. It's named after the tiny white star on the females back.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the illness that the Lone Star tick can cause is called Alpha-gal syndrome. It occurs when a sugar molecule enters the body causing your immune system to have an allergic reaction to red meat and sugary foods.

The syndrome is almost exclusively linked to the Lone Star tick bite. Much like Lyme Disease, not every Lone Star tick may carry the illness.

The New York Department of Health confirms that Lone Star ticks do inhabit the state of New York and according to CBS 6 in Albany they have been spotted in the Capital Region. It wouldn't be a stretch to say these ticks could call the Hudson Valley home as well.

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