Recent video footage posted to YouTube shows a drone capturing a beautiful Hudson Valley sunset. That got me thinking, where is the best place to watch the sun go down?

  • Walkway Over The Hudson - Watching the sunset over the mountains in Highland is just one of the amazing views accessible from the walkway. Hours have just been extended until 8pm and will stay open until 8:30 starting May 23rd.
  • Mt Beacon - Mt. Beacon offers up some of the most majestic views the Hudson Valley has to offer. Trail options start at 2.4 miles and go all the way up to 7 for the more experienced hiker.
  • New Paltz - If you've ever tried to drive westbound on route 199 towards New Paltz around sundown, you've probably been blinded by the sun at some point. But watching the sunset over the mountains at the end of a day can be very peaceful as long as you're not driving at the time.

Where is your favorite place to watch the sun go down in the Hudson Valley? This amazing footage below is from a recent Port Jervis sunset.