Have you ever wondered how to make maple syrup? Well, you're not alone.

Every March it's Maple Sugaring season here in New York State. Of course we have several places where you can learn to tap trees and an abundance of maple trees waiting to be tapped. One of the more popular locations for maple sugaring is Crown Maple in Dover Plains.

The Dutchess County business is known for their gourmet take on maple syrup and maple products. Their maple syrup has also been  used to make bourbon with another local business, Black Dirt Distillery.

Tyler the Creator is a rapper out of Los Angeles and is currently working on a video series called Nuts and Bolts with Viceland. In one of his latest episodes Tyler made his way to the Hudson Valley to learn the maple sugaring process and possible make his own syrup.

Watch as Crown Maples Tyge Rugenstein teaches Tyler and Jasper how to tap the trees and taste test the syrup. (NSFW)

The video itself is hilarious, but can we talk about how Tyler has never seen a pond iced over?