Odds are you won't feel real clean riding in either one.

If you don't have a car or just need to get ride nowadays, you call an Uber. Back in the day you used a cab. They both serve the same purpose.

I've never been in either one and thought I could safely touch the door handle. Which one is cleaner?

Uber has got to have fewer germs, right? I mean, it's actually someone's personal vehicle. They'd have to clean it regularly. At least you'd think. I know I'm not out there scrubbing my car with bleach every day.

Bacteria is measured in something called a colony-forming unit. According to Net Quote, scientists have ranked rideshares, rental cars and taxis based upon how much bacteria they can contain at any given time. On average, taxis contain around 27,000 CFUs. Rental cars have about 2,000,000 and rideshares have just about 6,000,000.

So, rental cars and rideshares like Uber and Lyft can be quite gross.

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