It looks like Poughkeepsie's newest holiday tradition took a page right out history and didn't make it through its first Hudson Valley ice age.

The month of December brought colder weather, stuffed bellies and stuffed stockings. It also brought the newest Christmas decoration in the Hudson Valley, the mighty Tree-Rex.

If you drove up and down Pendell Road near Dutchess Community College, you most likely noticed the nearly 10-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex in front of The Pittman family's house all winter.

After an entire month of fans driving up and having their pictures with the growing legend, it is finally time to take the monstrous decoration down.


Sadly, Tree-Rex fell victim to the latest storm that hit the Hudson Valley. What once stood proudly over 10ft tall is now taking making snow angels.


Thankfully, the Pittman's have hinted that Tree-Rex will return next year with a vengeance. If you missed seeing the dinosaur fully erect, there might still be time for you to see the dino graveyard.