In honor of National Cereal Day we need to fingure this out once and for all. What is the best cereal in the Hudson Valley?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some people eat cereal every day for even all three meals. If you had to pick just one cereal to rule them all which one would you choose?

Now, obviously we can't name all of the cereal brands out there but which one of these is your favorite?

Frosted Flakes - This is the average cereal for the every man. It isn't plain but it's not too sweet either. Face it, their great!

Lucky Charms - This festive cereal has a lot going on. It's got a good mix of sweet and healthy toasted oats. Can anyone name all of the marshmallows?

Cocoa Pebbles - Yabba dabba doo! A;though the cartoon may be a little outdated, the chocolate rice breakfast never gets old. You even get chocolate milk at the end.

Raisin Bran - You're old. It's okay. You need the fiber and raisins are your new candy.

Cookie Crisp - Um, it's cookies and milk for breakfast. Need I say more?

Boo Berry - The caviar of breakfast cereal. It's not commonly sold all year round which only adds to its mystique. Too much of a goof thing isn't always best.