Workplace safety is obviously important, so I understand the necessity of workplace safety videos. I don't know how effective they are because I don't know how much people pay attention to them; attention spans aren't exactly at their peak right now and most people just want to get to it. So things get lost along the way.

Unless people watch this video. In fact, they might be so traumatized by it that they never actually start working.

This thing is so awesomely gruesome it's hard to imagine sitting at an orientation for a new job and not running out of the room screaming. It's like a Troma film or some other over-the-top 1980s horror movie. Just gore and the stuff of nightmares. This thing has more blood in the first 30 seconds than most movies of the past twenty years combined. The ring finger spot... yeah, that one was the one that got me.

But for real, this thing isn't for the squeamish.