Do you have a list of things you want to get done before you bit the big one? Do you have things you want to do with your kids before they get older?

Are bucket lists bad things? It is a bit pessimistic but its not uncommon to think about your time will expire.  Do you have a bucket list?

There are the traditional bucket list items that some people have like skydiving or going on safari. Did you know that families have bucket lists? They are a little less grim. A family bucket list is where families have a list of things to accomplish before their kids grow up and leave the house.

According to Digital Hub, almost 70% of families in America have one.

Here are the common family bucket list items.

Take a road trip
Ride a bike
Teach them how to cook
Visit National Parks
Go to Disney World/Land
Attend an outdoor festival or concert
Visit a museum 

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