What is the most stressful thing about living in New York? New York harbors a few cities that made the list of “Most Stressful Cities”

Is the state of New York really that much to stress about? Being a transplant here I would have to say that yes, it is.

Artem Furman

There are so many rules and regulations that sometimes my trips back home to Michigan feels like I’m going to the wild west. I had never heard of an auto inspection until moving here. The state actually wants to make money from me keeping car in good condition. I’ve had to learn to carry cash for the toll roads.  Back home I was an avid target shooter only to find that I couldn’t even bring my firearms into this state.

The higher taxes don’t help things either. All of this is a lot to take in for me. Wallet Hub released a survey where they calculated stress points based on work stress, health stress, financial and family stress. Rochester and Buffalo both made the top 20. Surprisingly, New York City didn’t make the list. Do New Yorkers just handle stress easier? Are we more resilient?