So you are thinking about getting a new laptop, where do you shop for it? What are your requirements? The reason I am asking? I am shopping for one of course. That's what started me thinking about this whole process.

In the past, I have purchased computers/laptops from BJ's Wholesale Club, Staples and Best Buy. This time around, I am wondering, what do I really need in a laptop and where would I be best served shopping for a new one? Of course what I would really love is just for someone to be like "Here, here you go, this is all you need, have at it."

Smaller screen sizes, different operating systems, lack of cd/dvd drives (I thought I needed one years ago, and can't really remember when I have ever used it) are all things that go into the thought process of buying a new machine.

Should I check out QVC? HSN? Is there an actual box store in the Hudson Valley (other than Staples and Best Buy) that could help me make a purchase? Let me know.

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