With the baseball season beginning, let's take a look at which teams are the most affordable to see. Where do the two New York teams land?

We all know it's not a cheap afternoon or evening when baseball tickets are involved. For years, fans have been (rightly) complaining about the escalating prices of not only tickets, but all of the associated expenses. Beer, merchandise, food; try taking a family to a ballgame and paying for dinner there. It's not pretty.

That being said, there are some teams that are still making it somewhat affordable to get to a game. What do the numbers say about the cheapest and most expensive experience?

Well, according to GoBankingRates, the most affordable teams to see are the Angels and the Dodgers. Yes, we are living in a world in which both Southern California are the cheapest teams to see. For the Angels, it breaks down like this:

  • Two tickets: $19.60
  • Two hot dogs: $9
  • Two beers: $9
  • Parking: $10

Now, for the other end of the spectrum: the most expensive teams to see. Unfortunately, both the Yankees and the Mets were in the top ten, with the Mets the 6th and the Yankees the 3rd most expensive team to see.

The winner though? The Boston Red Sox. And it's not even close.

For two people to attend a Boston Red Sox game--in the cheapest seats--park, and each have a beer and a hot dog, the cost is a staggering $157. To put that into context, the second most expensive team, the Cubs, offer that exact same scenario for $116.

So, if you're a New York sports fan that's fed up with the expense of going to a ballgame, you can comfort yourself with "Well, at least I'm not a Red Sox fan." Yankees fans tell themselves that fairly often anyway.