I'm not crying you're crying.

It seems like a Disney film just isn't doing its job if it isn't tugging at you heartstrings. Oddly enough I am learning this at 34 years old. For some reason Disney movies just were not that popular in my house growing up. I had a much older brother who was not into them and my parents rarely bought them for me. I was much more into action and adventure movies like Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. We skipped over a lot of Disney movies.

My daughter is almost 2 and she is just now developing a longer attention span and is slowly getting into Disney movies. I have Disney Plus so she has access to just about every movie ever made.

I'm just now starting to catch up on these movies that are decades old.

I would think that the amusement park rides should be enough but I guess the movies need to put you on an emotional roller coaster as well. Why do Disney movies need to be so sad? I made a huge mistake yesterday and let her watch Tarzan. Do you remember that movie? The first 6 minutes are so sad. A baby gorilla gets eaten by a tiger and Tarzans parents get mauled to death when he was a baby. It was so dark and twisted.

I'm not the only one who thinks these movies are ridiculously sad. Some other movies that people have issues with are Up, Coco, The Lion King and Inside Out. I'm sure there are several more. Do you remember any other sad Disney movie moments?