I hate to talk crap about this place but they really need to get rid of this thing. Do they even know it's there?

You might not be aware but there's a random couch in the middle of nowhere covered in feces. Who put it there? Why is it covered in dung?

If you're driving down Schoolhouse Road in Fishkill you'll pass by the Stony Kill Farm Environmental Education Center. As you pull in you'll see a leather couch just sitting there. The couch is covered in doo doo and crap filled underwear. It's not exactly something that you want to see before you go on a nature walk. I'm hoping that they do something about it soon.

IMG_0596 (1)

This is just disturbing. Was the couch always there? Is it art? Did someone poop on it and then dump it at the education center? Is there an educational purpose behind it? I've got so many questions.

What motivation would someone have for doing something so gross?

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