There is a bakery in New York City -- Momofuku Milk Bar -- that has been pressured into changing the name of one of their signature desserts: the "Crack Pie." The pie is buttery and delicious and so beloved by its customers that people said things like "this is so good it must have crack in it." And that was how the pie innocently got its name.

As of this week, the bakery has changed the name of this dessert pie to "Milk Pie." No, the bakery has not done anything to change the recipe, they have only changed its name. The pie, which is one of the bakery's top sellers, will continue to be available on the menu at all of its locations, just with a different nom de plume.

Want to see if all the fuss about the pie is worth it? Here is a link to the recipe so you can make your own.

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