What's plogging you say?

The latest fitness trend from Sweden has hit America. Could it work in New York? Could it work right here in the Hudson Valley?

People love fitness and doing great things for the community so why can't we do both? Now we can and it is even trending right now. According to the Washington Post, plogging it the latest craze from Sweden and it is a mix of jogging and picking up litter.

Earth Day will be here soon enough. Maybe we can get a group together and go for a click plog.

The beauty of plogging is that you can do it anywhere outside. You can plog at a park, roadside or even on the beach.

As the weather gets warmer in the Hudson Valley don't be surprised when you see people walking or jogging down the trails with a plastic bag.

You may even see your friends posting about it on social media because pics or didn't happen.

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