People randomly checking to see of you're vaccinated sounds absolutely nuts but totally realistic after the year and a half we just had.

A few weeks ago when Staples announced that they were laminating vaccine cards for free I thought they were being absurd. I might have to eat my words. We may need to keep these things in good shape.

I'm calling it right now and I'm putting it on record so I have proof that I saw it coming.

I really hope that I'm wrong but I predict that the Hudson Valley and other parts of New York will have random COVID vaccination checkpoints pop up in the next few weeks or so. You can say I'm crazy and that I need to remove my tin foil hat and that's fine. I'd be willing to bet that a year ago when we first started to hear about the coronavirus no one thought that representatives from the state would randomly be able to enter a business and tell them they needed to shut down by the governments orders.

According to the CDC, people who are fully vaccinated are now allowed to congregate and enjoy outdoor activities without a mask. I'm confused. Haven't we been going outside without a mask for over a year now?

If were are gathering outside without a mask are we breaking CDC guidelines? Who will be checking to see if we are vaccinated and go maskless when we're outside?

Will we see COVID vaccine checkpoints pop up? Would you be surprised if they did?

Will the vaccination passport be more important than for just international travel? I guess we'll find out in the coming months.


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