Can macaroni and cheese ever be made fast enough? Things aren't looking so sharp for the cheese founded right here in the Hudson Valley.

Do you love macaroni and cheese? There's a good chance you do. It is one of America's most coveted comfort foods.

There's a mac and cheese for everyone. You can add your favorite cheeses if you're making it from scratch and there are even dairy-free macaroni and cheese brands for vegans.

People especially love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Millions in America consume it on a daily basis and here are the numbers to back it up. It might not be as great as homemade but it does taste good and it is convenient. You don't need to boil it in a pot anymore. You can cook it in individual bowls in the microwave and it only takes a few minutes but apparently, that's not fast enough.

It seems like every single year we hear or read about these absurd lawsuits. The latest one involves Velveeta's microwavable macaroni and cheese cups.

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Woman Suing Kraft

According to Food & Wine, a woman in Florida is suing Kraft in a class action lawsuit for $5 Million because the product is advertised to be ready in 3 and a half minutes but that is just the cook time. That advertisement doesn't account for prep time which includes removing the lid, stirring the contents of the product and letting it cool.

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