She claims it is a medical device and that she had clearance prior to going. Is women bringing in large devices a security issue or is the venue in the wrong?

When you pay good, hard earned money to see your favorite artist you want to be able to have a memorable night. You also may want to sit back, socialize and enjoy the performance but sometimes nature calls.

A woman was going to attend an Ariana Grande concert in Detroit a few weeks back but was denied after security would not let her bring in both her breast pump device and bottles.

According to Working Mother, Kate Aulette hired a babysitter, and even called Little Caesars Arena to confirm she would be able to bring her pump with her. According to Aulette, guest services states it was a medical device and that she'd have no issue bringing it in. Ultimately, she was not let in the show and had to pump outside the venue.

She posted her experience on Facebook and the post quickly went viral. Her goal is to make venues more aware of this issue and more accommodating.

Are concert venues here in the Hudson Valley more knowledgeable? Have you had a similar issue?

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