Just when you think that you are aware of the things around you, someone tells you that there is a 14-foot tall giant garden gnome hanging out in Ulster County.

Is it hiding in plain site? Can you see it from the road? How long has it been there? These are all questions that I have too!

As a garden gnome fanatic (do not judge or hate!), I am truly surprised that no one has shared this with me. Wait, maybe no one told me because they did not want to be dragged to see it.

Have you seen him? Apparently you can find him at Kelder's Farm, Route 209 in Kerhonksen. According to TripAdvisor and Yelp, the World's Largest Garden Gnome (it must be because it has a sign on it that says it is) is easy to spot and a great photo op for you and your friends.

Also happening on Kelder's Farm is a mini golf course, activities for the kids, hay rides in the fall and depending on the crop/ time of year there is also pick your own crops.