Is there something that your family does that you might not bring up in casual conversation? Well, at least until you have known that person for years, and then only if you really think that they won't judge you?

I have one of those "things" with my sister and to be honest, I have no qualm telling everyone about it. My younger sister has this "thing" with the Worlds Largest "Things." What does that mean? It means that, if in the course of our journey, and if its say less than about an hour out of our way, we have to go there to this "thing" and take the photo of her, with said thing.

So, the World's Largest Cockroach? Yep, I have seen it. I forget what road side location that it is at, I remember having to pull over on the highway so she could get out and I could take the photo. World's Largest Doctor Bag? Yep, Delaware I think. That was the same outing where we ended up at Dover Racetrack so she could get her photo with the World's Largest Monster. Then there was the two hours we searched Oahu looking for the World's Largest Pineapple, which really was a water tower, and we could not find it. So we then had to track down a person with way more knowledge of the island than we had. She informed us that it had been located on the Dole Plantation, but had been torn down a few years prior.

So imagine when we 'stumble' upon a World's Largest without even trying? It happened when my sisters and I were in St Louis, the area known at the Central West End. My sisters wanted coffee and I waited outside, for those two, when I slightly turned my head and saw something that had not been on the 'agenda' and was only just next door to this Starbucks. It was the Worlds Largest Chess Piece.


So if there is a Worlds Largest that you think I might not have been to yet, in the United States, please email it to me, I will add it to my sisters list.

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