WRRV brought Jukebox the Ghost to Poughkeepsie to celebrate a few big birthdays. WRRV is going strong after 23 years on the air and Nick started with Brandi one whole year ago. So, of course, we had to put on a free show and get chocolate cake!

Currently residing in Brooklyn and prepping for their upcoming North American tour, they took a ride to Poughkeepsie for the day to perform at Darkside Records. There is a Hudson Valley connection to their most recent album, they worked with Chris Cubeta, formerly of Millbrook Studios, at Studio G in Brooklyn. We had a chance to speak with them about that, then Simon awkward thanked Tommy for accepting his friend request on Facebook.

We'd like to thank Jukebox The Ghost, Darkside Records and especially you for all the support! If you feel like making the trip to Brooklyn, Jukebox the Ghost will be back in town on May 21st.

Bonus Video: Ghost Trivia With Nick From The WRRV Morning Grind