If you're planning a party, wedding, or just love cider, consider a custom bottle.

The Hudson Valley and New York State are home of the apples. The Hudson Valley alone has tons of orchards and cideries. Not too far from the Hudson Valley is a hard cider maker called Nine Pin. Nine Pin Cider Works is located in Albany and is making truly unique bottles.

These bottles are more than unique, they're custom. According to their website, Nine Pin can create a custom cider bottle for a special event. The bottles are 375 ml and can be used as favors for things like parties and weddings, or a special keepsake. Each label is printed in high-quality matte with foiled details.

When designing your custom hard cider bottle, you have a bunch of options. You can choose a background color, a color of foiled details, personalized names, and dates. You can pick multiple background colors that can be split amongst your order. You can even add on some additional graphic elements like apples, an apple pattern, or a body of text.

There are three different pricing tiers: standard, specialty, and deluxe. The standard tier gets you their signature hard cider and a personalized label using their templates. The specialty tier gets you their signature hard cider and a fully custom-designed label. The deluxe tier allows you to work with their cidermakers to create a custom cider blend and a fully custom label. Pricing for the standard is $100 a case, with a stipulation for the number of cases ordered. The specialty tier is $150 a case with a 10 case minimum. The deluxe tier is $200 a case with a 40 case equivalent (375 ml) minimum.

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