Did you see Zima on the shelves in the summer of 2017 and think that you were having a bit of a flashback? Did you go back to buy it and it was gone? MillerCoors brought the nostalgic 1990'a product back to store shelves last year for what was expected to be a one time release.

Well those who are aching for all things '90s, you are in luck, it is back for the summer of 2018 and good news: they made more than they did last year, so you just might be able to get your hands on it (again).

MillerCoors is making 40 percent more than they made last year to allow for more people to get their hands on the retro malt beverage. It is starting to show up at stores in the Hudson Valley now and was spotted at Beer World in Monticello and Half Time in Poughkeepsie.

Do you make a drink out of your Zima or just drink it straight? Do you need a side of Jolly Ranchers to go with it?

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