Jasen Dixion in Cinncinati,  Ohio was just minding his own business and putting up his special nativity scene to mark the holidays. The same nativity that he put up last year with no problems. You know, your typical Zombie nativity.

Jasen is a fan of the Zombies and worked very hard to handcraft all of the pieces required to fullfill the nativity. According to People.com, last year when he put the zombie nativity up, the cops said he had to take it down because he didn't have the proper permits. Fast forward to this year, he was denied a permit. One of the reasons they say he was denied is because his structure is twice the size allowed of a storage shed.

Jasen is now being fined $500 per day that he leaves the nativity up. Should he be able to leave it up? Or in the intrest of neighborly peace, should he have to take it down?

Here is a look his special nativity: