I guarantee you that a couple of these will surprise you. From Beacon to Clinton Corners and all the way to the Catskills, here are six local business owned by stars. Did we miss any?

With all of the television and movie filming in the Hudson Valley our region has started to become quite the popular hangout for celebrities when they aren't working. In the past year or two, we have seen Woody Harrelson at a rock climbing gym in Poughkeepsie, Flo-Rida a BBQ restaurant, Ben Stiller outside a bar in Beacon and even Post Malone pictured at Hurricane Grill and Wings.

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There are also many major stars who call the Hudson Valley region their homes like Liam Neeson, Daniel Craig, Eddie Murphy and James Earl Jones. In several cases, they don't just live here. They invest in the area and become pillars of the community. Several stars have opened up businesses in the Hudson Valley. Some you may recognize and others may completely surprise you.

IFC And The Cinema Society Host A Screening Of "Three Christs"
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People always want to know where the famous people are hanging out.  A good place to start might be a place that they own. It's always good to support local businesses and you might meet a celebrity while you're there.

Below are six businesses in the Hudson Valley region of New York that are owned by major celebrities. Do you know of any more? If we missed any then be sure to message us and let us know.

6 Celebrity Owned Businesses in the Hudson Valley

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