It was another wild ride down memory lane this week during the 90s at Noon!  We played so many of your favorite 90s alternative rock songs (thanks for the requests, by the way) and did some reminiscing about some classic 90s games, movies, snacks, and even celebrated the return of an iconic 90s TV show.  In case you missed it:

  • We talked a lot about the ice cream truck rolling through our neighborhoods in the 90s, and one of the hardest decisions we had to make, which frosty treat to get.  Check out this article full of nostalgic classic ice cream treats that were usually on the truck!  I do believe my pick was a Flinstones Push Pop or the Screwball with the gum at the bottom!
  • We talked popular board games from the 90s, like Mall Madness and Dream Phone, essentially, those were the epitome of a 90s teenage girl sleepover survival kit.
  • Remember Skip It? I totally bought one for my daughter for her Easter basket!
  • I also found THESE at Target, those fashion plates that you put paper over and color on top of, talk about memory lane!
  • Finally, the big announcement - All That is coming back, and an Are You Afraid of The Dark movie is in the works, both quite exciting!

Another week in the books, and we'll do it all again next week during the 90s at Noon - weekdays at 12!