Dunkin' is getting rid of foam cups and I couldn't be happier. If you're going to give me a choice I will never choose Styrofoam cups. I'll drink out of the toilet first.

Who's glad that foam cups are getting the axe? Not only are they terrible for the environment but is there anything more cringe worthy than the scraping sound of anything against Styrofoam? Maybe it's just me but I absolutely can't stand anything from Styrofoam whether it's coffee, a hot dog or ice cream.

It was just announced earlier this week that Dunkin' would be getting rid of foam cups with their hot coffee. Dunkin' wants to switch to double walled paper cups by 2020.

I suffer from a very real phobia called a Styrophobia. I'd honestly rather touch a hot stove rather a foam coffee cup.

I'd like to get a world wide ban. If I never saw a piece of Styrofoam again that'd be amazing.

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