Remember when Ames Department Stores announced that they were coming back in early 2023? There's been a snag and people are starting to wonder if the store's comeback is true or a hoax.

Ames was a popular department store on the East Coast for decades. They closed their doors roughly 20 years ago but some Hudson Valley residents got a shot of nostalgia a few months ago when a website linked to Ames claimed they were planning a triumphant return.

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Many people were excited about the news and with the recent popularity of reboots and nostalgic places and products, it seemed plausible.

Not everyone believes Ames Department Stores are returning. I may be the biggest skeptic. Despite all of the hype surrounding the stores, they have yet to produce any evidence that this isn't a hoax. I have been skeptical of the news since it first broke months ago.

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We were told that the list of future store locations would be released in February. It appears there's been a hiccup.


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