All of the sudden the Hudson Valley has gone from gorgeous fall days to Arctic Blast 2019. This means you will need to bundle yourself up before you head outdoors, but what should you do for your pet? Is there anything you should do different on super cold days?

Here are a few suggestions from the American Veterinarian Medical Association:

  • Start with their annual check up. Does your pet have any conditions, like arthritis, which would make winter weather even more challenging to them?
  • Provide pets with a warm spot to sleep in. Make sure that your pets have a spot indoors that is free of drafts that they can call their own for the winter.
  • Check your pets paws frequently to make sure they do not have any cold weather related cracking or injuries.
  • Add a layer. If your dog is small, they may need a coat or a sweater. Yes, it might look odd, but your furry family member needs to bundle up as well before heading outdoors.
  • Make sure to have enough pet supplies (food and care products) on hand, just in case the in-climate weather keeps everyone indoors for a few days.

When in doubt, cuddle up on the couch with 'Fluffy' and watch a movie. Stay warm and healthy this winter.

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