Today is a very important in the baking world. It's National Doughnut Day. That means everyone is going to be eating doughnuts today. If you're not pulling your weight at the office be hero that everyone needs you to be and bring in some fresh and delicious doughnuts.

We all have that one person in the office who we just can't stand. If there's no one you have a problem with at work then odds are that you are that person. When you walk into the break room while a group of co-workers are talking and it suddenly gets quiet or they start talking about the weather then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you've got some ground to cover.

Do everyone a favor and stop in your local doughnut shop and get a dozen doughnuts for the entire office. It will go a long way. A recent survey posted in National Today shows that 90% of the country loves doughnuts.

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