Could there be a Corona shortage this summer? Is it rumor or fact? A story ran in the Wall St Journal last week saying that there was going to be a shortage, due to the popularity of the beer.
Their reasoning? That the brewery located in Mexico is currently undergoing a huge transformation, to nearly double it in size. Bad news is that it will take until June of 2016 before that addition is complete, up and running and thus producing the quantities of beer that they feel adequate to meet the needs of their consumers.


“We’re doubling capacity and brewing at the same time,” said Michael Othites, senior vice president of beer operations at Constellation. “There’s nothing like it in the brewery world.”


According to that same WSJ article, shipments of Corona have increased nearly 10% over five years to 7.8 million barrels, making it the top import and fifth-best selling U.S. beer.
Does this mean a shortage? Scare campaign? Will people be able to survive the summer without their 'Corona'?  This is what Michael McGrew, senior director of communications at Constellation Brands, had to say about the matter:

"There are some inaccurate reports coming out today stemming from a Wall Street Journal story that ran yesterday. To clarify, we DO NOT anticipate any Corona shortages." said McGrew. "There is no merit to this rumor."

To stock up or not? You decide.