This week, the quest for Brandi's Future Husband continues and takes us to Missouri State University. Here is one guy who was using Tinder to find a special someone to spend time with. Brandi is not on Tinder, but this might convince her to join.

A guy who is attending Missouri State University was going through his Tinder account when he came across a girl that he thought was someone he wanted to get to know her better. Instead of swiping right, he swiped left. He was devastated.

At this point, all he knew was that her name was Claudia and that she went to the same college that he did. So he got the email addresses of all 22 'Claudia's' that were currently enrolled and emailed each and every one of them.

He did make a connection with the girl and she has agreed to go and get doughnuts with him. This sounds like the perfect kind of guy for Brandi. We will see if things work out for these two, if they don't maybe Brandi has a chance.