This week, the search for Brandi's Future Husband takes her to the State of Illinois. Will this be the guy for her? Let's find out.

The guy in question is 34 year old, Brad Galloway. He was driving around a parking lot late one night when the police stopped him to ask a few questions. When they asked him his name, he responded with the first thing that popped into his head, 'Burger King.'

When he got out of his car (according to the police report) Burger King refused to get medical treatment on site and he was not real trilled with the medical responders that were onsite that night.

So the police carried him to the ambulance where he was taken to the hospital to get checked out. To be fair, this dream of a guy was pretty glassy eyed and showed many symptoms of being intoxicated. While he was at the hospital, Burger King, inferred that he was going to be given a million dollars from the doctors at the hospital.

Imagine thinking that not only is Brandi going to be able to eat at Burger King for free (isn't there a rule if someones name is Burger King, that they get to eat for free at Burger King?) but she is also going to be the Burger Queen to a millionaire.

Think that this is the guy for Brandi? You are probably right, she needs to continue her search. If you have a suggestion for a potential Brandi's Future Husband, email