There's a mini convention going down in Hyde Park this Saturday.

If you have ever been to a local comic book convention then you know that the Hudson Valley are has a lot of comic book fans. I got back into comic collecting a few years ago and I quickly relaxed what a passionate crowd we have. There are a few different kinds of collectors. There are casual collectors who just grab what they like. They're are die hard fans who buy anything and everything and then there are people who only collect valuable books. Due to the limited space I have in my home I had start limiting my collection down to the key issues that could bring in some money down the road. I see it as a possible investment.

A lot of comic books do have value but they can be also provide more than that. They provide a cool sense of nostalgia. It's fun to flip through old comic books and even look at old advertisements for toys and game you probably had or maybe you wanted.

The recent hit movies have brought an an entirely new and large fan base to the hobby.

Alterniverse Comics in Hyde Park is bringing back Alternicon on may 6 from 12pm-5pm. It's a fun event for fans of comic books, movies, cartoons and pop culture. Alterniverse comics are located 870 Violet Avenue in Hyde Park, New York.

The shop will also be celebrating free comic book day.

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