Ground has been broken and construction is underway at the old Lewis Country Farms Property in Lagrange. According to LoopNet, the project is called Overlook Place and will consist of 91 units, 25 of which will be built in existing structures.

The original buildings on the property date back to the 1840s and was most recently home to Lewis Country Farms. Former owner Bill Lewis spent nearly $2 million to update and renovate when they moved in in the late 1980s.

With not a lot of information about the old Lewis Country Farms, we reached out to the audience for any information about the business. Their heyday was prior to the widespread use of the internet. Tim from Poughkeepsie shared some information about his father working there from 1982 through it's closure in 2007.

It was after 2004. My father worked for the Lewis landscaping and Bill Lewis owned both. I remember being there in 2003-04 during my senior year in high school very very seldom then, but I wasn't there any time after. If my pops was still around I'd be able to know exactly when it closed down. I don't even know who's still there from the time my dad was there from 82-2007.

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