Saisons were one of the first styles of beer I got really into. They're a delicious, springtime beer with incredibly interesting flavors. They can be sweet, they can be earthy, but they're almost always crisp and refreshing.

That's certainly the case with Ithaca's Ground Break, the yearly seasonal release that's absolutely phenomenal. We were able to snag one last batch before the Summer season and the beers it brings arrive. One more gasp of Spring!

To get a little beer geeky, a saision is a farmhouse style ale, originating in Belgium. It was brewed in the winter months so that everyone working the fields would have something delicious to drink as the Spring months arrived. Since this is an American take on the style, you know they had to throw some hops in there, so it's a lot less earthy than a lot of the versions that come from Belgium.

This is a world-class beer, and it's half price at Half Time in Poughkeepsie! So grab that growler and enjoy.