I think hiss-tory was just made on national television.

Move over Garfield, Felix, Sylvester J Pussycat and Toonces the Driving Cat/ There's a new cat in town that everyone is talking about. The Met-Life kitty is the newest famous feline.

I had to see it to believe it. It's certainly not something I had ever seen before. Yes, a black cat interrupted the Giants vs Cowboys game on live television.

I wasn't even watching the game.I was at the gym getting ready to run on the treadmill when I look to see three men stop running and stare at the TV above their treadmills with their heads tilted to the side.

A small black cat made its way on the field, ran into the end zone and the back up to the 50 yard line. I can't be sure but it was most likely the most exciting thing to happen during the whole game,

Did you catch the game?

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