As you begin your holiday and gift shopping, you will notice that there are a few retailers that are offering you the option of a email or digital receipts. Should you accept the digital only copy? Should you do both?

While most Americans (according to a You Gov survey) 7 out of 10 still prefer a paper receipt, there are reasons to go ahead and say yes to both. With the paper option you will need to keep track of it just in case it needs to be returned. With an emailed or digital receipt, you can simply move all of your digital receipts to a folder in your email.

Should any of the items need to be returned, you open up the email and then forward the receipt to the recipient. If you have the option of having a gift receipt, take it! When  you are wrapping the gift, you can include the receipt with the item. This will make it easier for the recipient to return or exchange the item with little to zero hassle.

Are you nervous that the company where you are making the purchase use your information (email address and purchase history) and sell it to another company? Ask the retailer.

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