A lot of Hudson Valley residents are looking for a more intimate way to avoid frost bite. Lonely people are looking for warm bodies. Is that a coincidence or just basic human survival instincts?

It's just after the holidays which can be a lonely time fora lot of us. Does the weather have anything to do with trying to find love or maybe even lust?

If you live on the north east coast you more than likely experienced that crazy winter storm. While a lot of single people were snowed in and bingeing on their favorite shows and drinking hot a coffee they decided to seek some companionship.

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According to stats posted on Mashable, certain dating apps saw a spike during the big storm. Though I can't be sure of the reasoning it could be that feelings of doomsday make us want to be with someone. Even it's just a snow-pacolypse.

No one wants to die cold and alone. Literally.