Nothing adds to beautification like inside jokes, hack artwork and gangs signs.

I respect good artwork as much as the next person but what kind of scumbag brings a can of spray paint to a hiking trail?

I love hiking up Beacon Mountain but I can't help but get a little upset every time I scale it. There's so much beauty to the trail but it's easy to be distracted by constant sightings of graffiti everywhere.

We're lucky to have such a cool spot where we can go and take advantage of the outdoors right here in the Hudson Valley. The hike up Mount Beacon is pretty moderate and it's got some absolutely amazing views once you reach the top. Oh, and it's a free activity. There aren't a lot of those around the Hudson Valley. Why is there a handful of losers who have to ruin it for everyone?

I thought I'd document every single one that I saw during my last walk up the glorified hill. It's sad but I felt the need to share in hopes that we can collectively say we're tired of a piece of nature being constantly defaced.

These were spotted on the last route that I took. I'm sure I missed many more on the mountain.

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