I drink like three energy drinks a day. Am I going to have a heart attack? If it's possible to die from a caffeine overdose I had better check myself in to the hospital quickly.

We're starting to hear more and more cases about perfectly healthy people dying from cardiac arrest caused by to much caffeine consumption. Is this really happening though? According to Healthline, caffeine overdose is possible but it is extremely rare.

Though energy drinks and coffee can contain harmful ingredients it's nearly impossible for you to die from drinking too much caffeine.

The same article also states that the caffeine levels you'd need to have an overdose simply cannot happen while drinking. The average coffee has about 200 mg of caffeine. The average energy drink contains about 300 mg of caffeine. You'd need to be in the 1,000's. Your body could not consume the beverages fast enough to kill you,

Experts do warn consumers to stay away from caffeine pills and powders.

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