Cosplay is defined as the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. Hudson Valley residents stretched that definition beyond its limits at the 3rd annual Hudson Valley Comic Con.

With this being my first ever Comic Con experience, the Hudson Valley certainly set the bar higher than I anticipated. So many people not only wore costumes, but the detail in a lot of them are handmade by the wearers themselves.

There were many different twists on just a simple costume at Comic Con too. One attendee created a Tinker Bell ensemble with a Steam Punk theme. Can you spot her in the video?

I also spoke with a couple of Harley Quinn Cos-players who had similar costumes but each made them in their own unique way and style. I don't think any two costumes were identical at Hudson Valley Comic Con. It is a true testament to the dedication of Hudson Valley Comic Con enthusiasts.

Everyone was so nice to each other too. If your costume stood out, you gained the attention of other Comic Con attendees by getting stopped frequently so others can pose with you for a photo.

Hudson Valley Cos-Players really shined as they strutted in their costumes and performed their character's signature poses on the main stage. I can't wait for Hudson Valley Comic Con to come back next year!

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