The numbers are in and movie production in the Hudson Valley grew by 300% in 2017 according to the Hudson Valley Film Commission. Hudson Valley One reports last year is considered a turning point that could lead to further exponential growth.

HV Film Commission director Laurent Rejto cites recent changes in the tax code as having a major impact on spending in the area. Before 2016, actors and actresses were not eligible for tax credits outside of New York City which made it difficult to attract marquee talent. With the 10% credit now in place, it helped to eliminate a lot of red tape according to Rejto.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission not only helps attract production to the area, they keep track of spending movies do while working locally as well. In working with the Woodstock Film Festival, their goal is to provide a forum for directors from all over the world to show their movies. And while drawing these well-known filmmakers to the area, try to convince them to do more movies here.