The Hudson Valley loved Heinz's Mayochup so much I guess they're just going to throw  mayonnaise in everything now and I'm fine with it.

It may sound like the fattest thing ever but the heart wants what the heart wants even if it's terrible for you.

A few months back, Heinz released a new product called Mayochup. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. It's just mayonnaise and ketchup and it's absolutely delicious. It's also called a "fancy sauce" if you've ever seen Stepbrothers.

Though people have been doing this for years, Heinz just recently started packaging and selling it themselves. We can now expect a new addition to the condiment family. They're adding mustard and barbecue sauce to mix.

According to Delish, we can expect Mayomust and Mayocue in most stores very soon.

Pretty soon you'll be able to collect all three. The product raises more questions than answers. Did we need this? Did we want this? Is mayonnaise delicious on everything?

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