Fujifilm, a company based in Westchester County is recalling a very specific part of their cameras. The part that is being recalled, voluntarily, is the AC-5VF power adapter. Specifically, the piece that actually plugs into the wall and was sold with the following digital cameras:

  • XP90
  • XP95
  • XP120
  • XP125
  • X-A3
  • X-A10

The cameras came in a multitude of colors. The recalled part is black with the model number of AC-5VF printed on it. The reason for the recall? Fuji says that the plug with that model number on it can crack or break, causing the live electrical contacts to be exposed, thus causing a potential shock hazard. If you own one of these plugs, stop using it immediately and contact Fujifilm for a full replacement. 


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