I know this is a petty thing to be upset about but somebody gave the governor a pretty good haircut and I'm extremely jealous.

It's been months since my last fade and I know some people who have gone even longer than that. To help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, New York ordered barbers and salons as well as other cosmetologists and beauticians to cease operations during New York's pause.

As New Yorkers and Americans we're being led to believe that haircuts are luxuries that we don't need right now. If that's the case how did out Governor get one?

I want to make it clear that this is not a political post at all. I just want to know who is cutting Cuomo's hair. My fiance has offered to cut mine but he's single, isn't he? According to Today, his brother, Chris Cuomo's hair was cut but his wife while in Quarantine. Perhaps she did it?

I just wish he'd lead by example. Besides, I was just getting used to seeing his salt and pepper afro on a daily basis.

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